Why Choose Our Modular Light Gauge Steel Structure?

  • 1) Very low manufacturing cost: Because the whole house with all fixtures and fittings – including tiling, flooring, double glazed windows, reinforced security doors, kitchens & bathrooms – is pre-prepared in the factory for delivery to the site, the cost is kept very low with luxury 4 bedroom houses with a number of receptions and en-suites being supplied at only only around £120,000, depending on the design. As every last tile, nut and bolt is included in the price and supplied from the factory, there are no ‘surprises’ which suddenly escalate the price.
  • 2)Lifetime for structure: 100 years. [0.75~1.2mm , Z275 galvanized steel profile, strength:550Mpa].
  • 3) Earthquake resistance: Up to Richter Scale 9. Fully tested and certified at Japanese earthquake research laboratories.
  • 4) Wind resistance: The structure is designed to withstand tornado, typhoon, at max 60m/s (in excess of 200 kph).
  • 5) Fire resistance: all certified fire retardent materials available.
  • 6) Snow resistance: max 2.9KN/m² as required.
  • 7) Heat insulation: 100mm thickness of our material can match 1metre thickness of brick wall.
  • 8) High acoustic insulation: Really quiet at 60db on the exterior wall and 40db for the interior walls.
  • 9) Insect prevention: Free from the damages by insects, such as termites, white ants, etc.
  • 10) Packing and delivery: Supplied to your site in a container, with up to 140 SQM/ 40’HQ container for the structure only and up to 90 SQM/ 40’HQ container for structure with decorate materials.
  • 11) Installation: Very fast build time compared with traditional buildings. On average, from the moment a client agrees the building design to the moment we have completed a luxury 200 SQM building and handed over the keys, only 3 months will have passed.
  • 12) Total flexibility in design: Due to the nature of our systems, we have the flexibility to follow any design with ease, without increasing costs. Very large expanses and open plan areas are easily accommodated, without the need for expensive reinforcement. Awkward shapes and styles are also easily handled at no extra costs or extra work.
  • 13) Comprehensive Installation guides: Full engineers technical installation drawings are supplied with comprehensive installation details. So whether you have a team of builders, or decide to ‘build it yourself’, the installation is straight forwards and quick.
  • 14) You can dream up any house, any design, any size, with any fixtures and fittings and it can be delivered: As there is no limit to your imagination, dreams or vision, there is no limit to our ability to deliver them.
Steel Frame Building