Our ‘Tiny House’ without wheels. Although any of our ‘Tiny Houses’ can be ordered without wheels, this one is already without! 

Ideal for those wanting a garden room for putting up guests, or as a home office or studio to get your creative juices flowing. 

The chalet comes fully fitted with all year round insulation, electrics, and plumbing providing a fitted bathroom with toilet, sink and shower to make the chalet fully self contained. We also provide an option for a small fitted kitchen unit with sink, cabinets, cooker and refrigerator. 

All this also makes the Buckinghamshire Chalet ideal for those who want to set up one or more for AirBnB accommodation to rent out to holiday makers and gain some extra income. With fully equipped prices coming in at UNDER £17,000 / 19,000 Euro / U$21,000, (Delivered in Europe, USA, Caribbean, Middle East) your ROI (Return on Investment) is going to be swift! 

Substantial further savings can be made for those ordering 6 or more units – as we can fit 6 collapsed units in one shipping container for delivery, saving 1,000’s on each unit price as we discount by 12.5% for 6 or more units! 

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