Hi-Tech Modular Building Details

Click on the photo on the left to see detail of our outer walls incorporating amazing 21st century build materials giving effective insulation against cold, heat, damp, sound, etc. which far exceeds that of traditional brick and cement and with greater strength than such build methods, all with considerably lighter yet stronger walls.

Our systems allow for most of the labour to be completed in the factory prior to delivery of the general building and wall modules, so reducing on-site labour and costs, not only on the general build, but also with all your chosen fixtures and fittings such as kitchens and bathrooms, which come pre-prepared and complete right down to the tiling and flooring your selected!

We are therefore proud to present you with a true triumph of 21st century materials allowing you to have the house of your dreams at a fraction of the build time of ‘traditional’ builds and consequently at a considerably lower price, with the added flexibility of unlimited design which can only come with light steel frames! Any external design shape and internal configuration can be easily prepared at the factory. Just one of the many advantages of steel frames.

You send us details of any design you can dream up and we’ll return a comprehensive quotation back to you within a few working days with every detail of what will be supplied and with confirmation of delivery time from the factory, so you’ll know exactly what to expect from us.

Normally, for a house up to around 200 square metres our factory will need up to around 2 months for the factory to build and deliver the building. Then a further month will be needed to erect the house on site. So for a large 3 or 4 bedroom family house, you can expect to be preparing to move in around 3 months after you confirm the ‘go-ahead’ to us!

Our light steel frames result in the strongest possible houses built around three times faster than conventional houses, yet giving the ultimate protection against earthquakes, tornadoes, typhoons, termite attacks, yet giving you a secure home with maximum insulation against, damp, cold, heat, sound, etc.

The houses are supplied complete with fitted kitchen, fully fitted bathrooms, WC, tiling for the kitchen and bathrooms, all flooring, double glazed windows, security doors and all the main fixtures and fittings required to move in.So all you need to do is move in your furniture!

For more comprehensive details on the build specifications click here.

Steel Frame Building